parts integration - internal conflict resolution


 Ever caught yourself saying something like, "Well, part of me wants to..." ?

This is a classic indication of an inner-conflict — the root cause of many issues — which, when released, will cause most problems to simply disappear.  


Parts Integration technique – is a useful and powerful tool used to overcome all sorts of internal conflicts, ‘bad habits, indecision, and procrastination.

Often in life we find ourselves having an internal tug-o-war between wanting to excel in one area of life and perhaps not doing so because we think it will costs us in another area of life. Or even wanting to stop smoking but conflicted about it because it's been part of your life for so long you don't feel  you would be successful.

Emotional experiences throughout life, especially during our early imprint years, can result in the creation of "Parts" at the unconscious level. These "Parts" generate their own values and beliefs and are responsible for some of our behaviors. Often times overwhelming feelings, reactions, as well as out of control behaviors can be the result of "Conflicting Parts".

Because the mind and body work better as a "whole" unit this NLP Parts Integration Technique creates harmony between "Parts" at the unconscious level, so that their values are in alignment. A person with Integrated "Parts" is more aligned, congruent, empowered and clear in their decisions and actions, therefor creating success in their desired outcomes.

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