Latinas Do Self-Help

Latinas Don't Do Therapy

Did you know that you are running on programming that is not your own? The "Shame" and "Guilt" to look or behave a certain way was installed into you by someone around you? That programming of not being enough was something you accepted without knowing you had a choice to reject it! 

"Latinas Don't Do Therapy" has been created as a community for Latinas who are done carrying around the feeling of not being enough. It was created for the Latinas who are ready to live a life free of old limiting ideas and limiting beliefs fed to us with a dose of shame, fear and a dash of guilt.  

Many women in our culture are brought up to think in poverty or self-deprivation. We are taught that we aren't as important as the people around us. Self-care is selfish and we slowing chip away and end up in depression. We are taught that men are all cheaters and looking for one thing and one thing only.  We are shamed and compared to other people in our lives only to create insecurities that haunt us the rest of our lives. We find ourselves dealing with so much that doesn't make sense to us as we look around and see others living happier lives.  We then beat ourselves up and feed ourselves another limiting belief that we weren't "born lucky enough" just so we can live at ease. And the cycle just continues to repeat itself through generations and we accept that, that is just how life is.  

But life doesn't have to be that way! You can make changes! You can break away from those patterns that have been in your life time and time again!  You can design your life the way you want it!

If you are ready to let go of old limiting beliefs that make you feel less then beautiful, less than worthy, less than anything you want to be and you are ready to see what life could be like feeling loved, feeling happy and in charge than you may be ready to join Latinas Don't Do Therapy.

 Join me for FREE this Thursday, November 17th at 7pm to learn what makes a Beautiful, Worthy, Succesful Latina!