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Design Your Life On Purpose

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  • What if I told you that you could create the life you dream of?
  • A Life where, what happened to you in the past does not define who you have to be?
  • A Life with LOVE, HAPPINESS & FREEDOM without looking for others to give it to you?
  • A LIFE that you can create without feeling the guilt and shame of putting yourself first?
  • What If I told you that the relationship or the career you've been dreaming about can be a reality despite your roots?
  • All while feeling super CONFIDENT, JOYFUL & SELF-LOVE ?


                                         This Is Possible For You


                                          You want to know why?


                   Because I Did it, and Because I continue to DO IT!

Love Yourself First


Just over two decades ago I was picking up the pieces to my life as I started my journey as a single mother of two. Thankfully I had a job and an apartment that I had moved into before starting my life of motherhood. A choice I made only a few years prior, after I was done living a very suppressing life at home. Like most of you, I have grown up in a very confined environment where I was showered with guilt and shame.  I was emotionally bullied and verbally threatened to behave well and be at my very best, two very contradicting behaviors that created such conflict in my life with my peers.

what happened next

Growing up I knew I didn't want to be like my parents.  I was fortunate & unfortunate enough to go to school where I was exposed to different lifestyles.  I was surrounded by kids that were from the same "side of the track" as I was as well as kids who rolled up in expensive cars and live in the big houses that surrounded my school. I experienced first hand what mindset does to people in a very diverse environment, I just didn't know it at the time.  At that point in my life I made an unconscious decisions that kept me stuck in a poor mindset for years and I made myself believe that I wasn't the same as the other kids. The friends I did make became lifelong friends and I learned a lot from them and realized that it's not what you are born into that defines you but how you think.


As much as I didn't want to parent the way my father parented me I soon realized I was beginning to treat my one year old the same way, using the same words and acting physically the same, if not worse.  I remember the day I realized I had chosen the same path and that my behavior was unconscious.  Almost as if I was running on a program that made me react as explosive as the environment I grew up in.  I made a conscious decision that day that changed a lot of what kind of parent I became.  After living a life being decided for me by people around me and by old, unconscious behaviors I began my journey of the new person I wanted to be.  Through thoughts, conscious change and planning I designed my new life.  I envisioned the kind of life I wanted for me, as well as, for my girls and I began to create behaviors that would lead me to that life.  


The process of change was amazing. What I began to feel was freeing.  I had broken the cycle and created a lifestyle that fit who I wanted to be.  I learned to understand that those around me have their own behaviors based on their own experiences and they don't always mean harm.  I gained confidence to go where my heart wanted to go and if the path didn't fit me, I learned to reroute myself.  I learned the process is never-ending and that brought joy to me because that meant that there was no right or wrong way of doing things.  There isn't just one way to live life.  There is just your way and it is okay if your way does not match their way.


I have now been married for 17 years and I have three beautiful daughters.  I am a Master and Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Success Coaching (among many other modalities). I  help people like you who are stuck in life because of old Limiting Beliefs, Negative Emotions and Internal Conflicts that have come up due to your past life.  Through my experiences and my skills I help you overcome past traumas and help you redefine who you are so that you can design and create your future on purpose!


Join "Design Your Life On Purpose" and get six weekly group meetings that will help you:

  • Learn the power of your thoughts, why you are where you are and what you can do to change
  • Recognized your cycle and where you need to break it
  • Release Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs
  • Create new boundaries and learn how to exercise them
  • Boost your confidence, worth and self-love 
  • Re-Identify your Values and create new behaviors to receive the Love, Success and Happiness you deserve
  • and much more

Design Your Life On Purpose

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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